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Call Center - Training

Improve your communication and sales skills. 

Training of Operators and Sales Managersvíce informací
Discover your telephone strenghts and weaknesses. We help new operators and sales managers quickly move into a productive role. Operators and Sales Managers must be able to build rapport with customers and prospects before beginning a sales pitch. They must aim to build relationship by focusing on customers´needs and preferences, rather than attempting to sell using high-pressure techniques. Operators and Sales Managers must also be able to deal with prospects who may be upset at being disturbed by an unsolicited call.  We coach to develope these soft skills. 
Training of Team Leaders and Supervisorsvíce informací
Equip call center supervisors with leadership skills that strenghten their role as the critical link between strategic goals and tactical performance. The program delivers a deeper understanding of the management principles of the contact center and elevates the professionalism ot the contact center supervisor. Supervisors will complete the program with a greater understanding of the results they are being asked to achieve and why they are so important.
„We will train your operators, sales managers, team leaders or supervisors.“
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