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Call Center  - Hotline

Support for daily work. Build customer loyalty.

Cooperation between a customer, Call Centre operator and Hotline is a very effective unit of Sprinx The Doers. It is free above-standard service for our customers. Operators are able to receive any request and immediately ensure that such requirements are delivered to the relevant person.
What we offer? více informací
Telephone line where trained operators handle inquiries about orders, service defects, inform about your products or services. In short, you can get your "willow tree" where customers can obtain information relating to your company. The main success of any campaign, not only telemarketing is a clear relationship between the costs and profits. We focus on the performance of our operators in the number of calls handled, but also provide targeted advertising for your products and services. Telemarketing provides feedback from your customers, which in today's business is very important.
„Effective checks and communication support our professionalism.“
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