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Data Processing

Don't waste time with meticulous data processing - leave it to us!

Monthly, weekly and daily treatment, storage and monitoring orders, IMS data, datawarehouses, intranets and business solutions.

Sales Data Processingvíce informací
This is a service for the processing of data, typically on weekly and monthly sales, monitoring of warehouse stocks, processing of reps’ schedules, import of distributors’ orders and data from CRM and other systems. Data can be subsequently presented in CRM and other information systems, browsed in data stores, intranet, Excel...Full service contains all you require: data is gathered, filtered, configured and supplemented, after which we prepare suitable data outputs for distribution according to your needs.
IMS Data Processing více informací
Processing IMS data into your reports that way you want.We are able to process IMS data as well as sales data of distributors and add to them all the necessary data from your CRM / ETMS system for perfect reporting.
Sprinx Nationality Data více informací
Processing your IMS data in reports according to your needs.
Sprinx Nationality Data více informací
Processing your IMS data in reports according to your needs.
NET SALES více informací
Module "Net Sales" or NETSALES is primarily intended for product managers and TOP managers to analyze sales data free of any possible discounts. The purpose of this module is to evaluate the effectiveness of monthly adjustment for various types of commercial incentives at individual pharmacies and specific product. Data from this module will be displayed in the product PharmView as a single dimension (views). You can also use this module to evaluate the specific skills of sales representatives  because you can monitor the size of discounts on various products in specific pharmacies (if it may affect).
PharmViewvíce informací
PharmView is an analytical instrument for the browsing of relational data. Its basic use is in the field of processing of sales data for pharmacies, amongst others. You can browse comparative data for the fulfilment of plans against reality, analyses of data gained from CRM or ETMS, accounting.The application is very intuitive and enables with minimum effort to gain valuable information contained in the confusing amount of data available to you.
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