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Other Services

We consult, analyse, project, mentor.

Today, virtually no large software product can do without customised modifications and integration with other systems. The company Sprinx Systems offers its own comprehensive services of customised software development, with regard both to development of a completely new customised product and modifications and expansion of already existing products and their integration with existing systems.
Consultingvíce informací
Our specialists are ready to help you with the use of IT in your business industry when you need it. If you are not sure, whether information technologies can be the right thing in your field, or which benefits they could bring, we are here for you. Our team is able to learn fast about your business processes and you can consult them about a broad scale of technologies. They will recommend you the right manner of use to achieve the maximum potential. 
Analysisvíce informací
When analyzing our experts collect, evaluate and analyze the requirements for future software model business processes and propose the final solution.
Project Managementvíce informací
Our project managers have rich experience with development of applications from various fields of human activities. They are able to realise both short-term projects, when it is necessary to solve a customer need very fast, and long-term complex projects, which are prepared for several years. No matter if the project lasts 14 days or 5 years, the aim is always to implement the solution in the required quality, on the required date and for the required price. We comply with common standards of project management and current trends (such as agile methodology) and we use the corresponding tools (for example MS Project, MS TFS, Mindjet MindManager and others).

IT outsourcing & Mentoringvíce informací
  • Besides the above-mentioned activities, we also offer the option of the so-called IT outsourcing, which means that a dedicated specialist (or more specialists) is available for disposal at the customer’s place, where he/she realises the assigned volumes of work and consultations. This solution does not include project management as a standard (mentioned above), which is usually performed directly on part of the customer.
  • We can also offer customer support for the provided solutions directly on the spot, the so-called mentoring. Within this support, our specialist is present on the workplace of the customer, where he/she monitors and analyses work procedures and partial steps of users. This mentoring includes a subsequent evaluation and recommendation of more efficient work procedures, methods or a potential optimisation process (kaizen – continuous improvement process).
Support For Pilot Projectsvíce informací
Beginning users can also take advantage of our support for pilot projects. Our specialist can be both the solver of the project or just a technology consultant, according to the customer requirements.
Post-implementation & Technological Supportvíce informací
After putting the realised solution (application) into the full operation, assisted operation can be included with the related technological support for the purpose of a smooth initial operation and potential subsequent modifications (changes, integration requirements, safety criteria etc.).
The services of the standard support and technological support are intended for customers with a valid support contract. The content of the support is exactly specified in the particular contract, while the technological support usually includes both the direct contact with our specialists and access to on-line tools of technological support on the Internet (application Sprinx HelpDesk).

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I hereby agree to the processing of the personal data I have provided in accordance with Act No. 101/2000 Coll, on the protection of personal data.