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Case Studies

What we have achieved and where you can see our work.

Insurance sector & financesvíce informací

Axa Assistance CZ, s.r.o. | A web application for online conclusion of insurance contracts AXA ASSISTANCE
This portal is accesible to the company employees, partners and end customers. The application is integrated to the in-house systems of the company, so that partners can recive updated information. 

BNP Paribas Cardif Pojišťovna, a. s. | A Front-end web application for contract applications
Designed for brokers (and other potential users) for conclusion and administration of contracts for an insurance company. The accent is placed on a high level of security between the front- end application and back-office application.

Poisťovňa Cardif Slovakia, a.s. | An Application enabling users to conclude a contract about travel insurance or additional health insurance for a defined partner.

Poisťovňa Cardif Slovakia, a.s. | A web application enabling intermediaries to create proposals for products, prolonged guarantees and accidental damage of goods. 

Kooperativa pojišťovna, a.s., Vienna Insurance Group |An application for insurance agents enabling a fast and efficient conclusion of collision damage waivers for vehicle groups with the option of a wide variability of additional insurances. The application also enables the conclusion of amendments to existing contracts.
Pharmacies více informací

AstraZeneca | MIS CZ/SK 
A central application for processing of top sales and economic data used by employees of individual departments of the customer (both in the Czech and Slovak Republic) for pre-defined reports and for ad hoc reports of the analytic department. The application, implemented on the basis of a process analysis, uses the latest technologies for data processing and presentation, such as Data Warehouses, OLAP cubes, the company’s own web tools for specialised dynamic reports and Sprinx web portal. Both interconnected data from the company’s own systems (SAP data, budgets) and sales data obtained from external sources (IMS, IMR, AP) are presented within the application.

AstraZeneca | DtP (Direct to Pharmacies) 
A central database application for support and financial management of direct sales of the company´s own products to pharmacies and health-care facilities. The application uses strictly formalised secured connection to the sales system of the supplier, detailed reporting and financial exports to the company´s accounting system. 

AstraZeneca | Sprinx Summary – AZ Top Management Report
An application based on the product Sprinx Summary, which ensures distribution of reports (e-mail attachments) on the basis of the updated data from the MIS database intended for top management of the company. The sales and financial data are automatically forwarded directly to top managers at the specified time and in the specified format (offline HTML, PDF, XLSX including charts) without the necessity of an active search for these data.
AstraZeneca | Another smaller application
Reporting (SUKL, Prices), Farmakovigilance (APIS)
Support systems (meeting rooms planner, import of HR data to the intranet portal).

Game industryvíce informací

CAMPA-NET a.s. | IS - evaluation of the operation of game devices
A process on-site analysis is used to define a sophisticated workflow evidence, administration and accounting of game devices, observance of EZU validity parameters, legal reporting duties, legal translocation duties and legal completion duties, accounting with authorities, balance of the received revenues, local and administration fees, calculations of servicing contracts, lease contracts and operator contracts, financial statements including transfers into the accounting system. 

On the basis of the results of an extensive process audit, a data warehouse was created integrating the data outside of the company into a compact OLAP solution on the platform MSSQL 2008/R2 for ad-hoc reporting an analytic overviews of evaluation of the customer´s business.

CAMPA-NET a.s. | NewsLetter
Implementation of the product Sprinx Summary for daily detailed distribution of complex information to all levels of company management from the top management to regions, including the cooperating partners.

CAMPA-NET a.s. | Call Centre
An application for support employees of the supervision centre, record-keeping or hardware equipment of shops, their networking, information about responsible persons, running devices and their work parameters.

CAMPA-NET a.s. | Help Desk
A communication solution for collection of requirements of external and internal subjects, competence-based decision-making and redistribution to the end solution. Record-keeping of time progresses and workloads of the individual segments of processes.
Tobacco industryvíce informací

Imperial Tobacco ČR, s.r.o. | A web application with a desktop client for collection of sales data and their subsequent evaluation 
This web application with a desktop client ensures collection of sales data from various external sources, their transfer to the central application, subsequent addition of information from internal data sources and their reflection in the management information system (MIS). The evaluation includes distribution of personalized reports to the individual users by means of the product Sprinx Summary. 

Imperial Tobacco Slovakia, a.s. | An information system for administration of wholesale and retail shops in the central application with a desktop client
This application ensures record-keeping of the assortment, wholesale shops, data collection, extensive reporting for the needs of the sales and marketing department. 

Automotive industryvíce informací

TRW Automotive Czech s.r.o. | A centralised print solution „TRW Label Design and Print“
It is an internationally used solution for creation and printing of labels with 1D/2D bar codes  designed for marking of corporate products, both in the company’s own production plants and warehouses and in the partner production organisations. The application is data-connected to the customer information systems, it enables management of the volume of prints and supports verification of the authenticity of the products (labels).
Benefit Managementvíce informací

Benefit Management, s.r.o. | Benefit Plus - an internet B2B application (cafeteria)

It is an internet application designed for administration of optional benefits, the so-called cafeterias. Within this application (which can be, for the sake of simplification, understood as a specific e-shop with benefits), each employee has his/her own personal account and can “buy“ various services for the allocated points. The application received the award Internet Effectiveness Awards in the category B2B in 2005.

Food Industry & Household více informací

UNILEVER ČR, spol. s r.o. | MIS for support of data analysis and future development prediction
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