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Build a solid intra-office communication foundation to optimize your internal business processes.

Benefit from making it easier for your company to share information. Create tools to organize work. Improve project management effectiveness. Optimize communication avenues - improve the overall internal methodology of your company! Sprinx develops intranet technologies to help users share data, improve accessibility to the company´s internal database, maintain the data, and access the same from any workstation within the company. A powerful intranet solution from Sprinx could be the organization solution to optimize your company´s workflow. 
Why improve your company´s Intranet?více informací
  • Increase productivity 
  • Increased accessibility to information/data
  • Improved internal communication 
  • Supportive environment for team building
  • Document management transparency 
  • Implementation of working procedures
  • Overall increase in employee awareness and engagement 
„We develop from simple solutions to complex and diverse intranets with the possibility of further integration and digitalization of data.“
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