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HPC Hardware & Software

Personal supercomputers and beyond.

The aim of our HPC division is to provide solutions that enable customers and partners to maximize the benefits from their IT investments. The Sprinx HPC team includes professionals with over fifteen years of experience in the design and implementation of HPC hardware solutions, software development, and the integration of our HPC solutions with preexisting HPC systems. Our engineers, scientists, developers, and project managers work with you directly through the implementation process and development of custom HPC solutions tailored to fit your business needs. 

​HPC Hardwarevíce informací
The Workstation GPGPU
Personal Supercomputer TESLA
Capable of performing up to 250 times better than the conventional PC

HPC/SMP/Hybrid Clusters
Most powerful IT products for your calculation 
Hybrid GPU clusters, HPC clusters, and servers

Professional Series Graphics by NVIDIA
S CUDA™ architecture is designed for high performance computing
HPC Softwarevíce informací
Intel Software Development
As an authorized  Intel® Reseller, Sprinx offers the highest quality of Intel software development at afordable prices!

ArrayFire for CUDA/OpenCL
Most Powerful IT products for your calculations 
 Tesla GPUs, GPU workstations, Software 
 Hybrid GPU clusters, HPC clusters, and servers

PGI Tools (Visual / IMSL FORTRAN)
Package of compliers and development tools  PGI CDK® Cluster Development Kit® allows the application of highly complex computations used in science and research.

Microsoft HPC Pack
Improved performance and reliability for HPC calculations 
Support for Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012
 Support for Windows Azure VM 

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